Vol. 1 | Full Speed into Space

The story of NanoAvionics start-up, the winner in the cathegory Lithuanian Ideas Leading Globally

Guest speaker: VYTENIS BUZAS, Co-founder & CEO at NanoAvionics, laureate of Global Lithuanian Award 2020


  • Dr. VIDMANTAS TOMKUS, space industry expert, member of the board at Lithuanian Aerospace Association;
  • VLADAS LAŠAS, entrepreneur and philanthropist, space enthusiast and promoterl
  • Dr. SIMONA LIUKAITYTĖ-SUSZCZYNSKA, Doctor of Physics, Optical and Laser Systems Engineer;
  • AIVARAS VILUTIS, Biosciences Collaborative Laboratory Intern at NASA Ames.

ModeratorGODA RAIBYTĖ, science journalist, host of "Radical curiosity" show.

Vol. 2 | Future of Education Technologies

Story of Global Lithuanian Award 2020 laureates ELZE DI MEGLIO and AURELIJA ORLOVA, founders of virtual Lithuanian school in Italy

Guest speakers: ELZĖ DI MEGLIO and AURELIJA ORLOVA, founders of virtual Lithuanian school in Italy.  


  • ALVIJA ČERNIAUSKAITĖ | UK | Chairperson of the Education Commission of World Lithuanian Community
  • DANIELIUS STASIULIS | LT | Co-founder of EdTech Lithuania Forum and EdTech start-up  BitDegree
  • EGLĖ VINAUSKAITĖ | UK | Director at consultancy Skillbright Labs, education strategist  

Moderator: AUŠRA KUKELKAITĖ | CEO at Global Lithuanian Leaders.

Vol.3 | Lithuania and its Diaspora: LTUnited

The session features the discussion of the representatives of the new Lithuanian Government and Diaspora organisations on the most efficient ways to upgrade the relations of Lithuania and its Diaspora for the benefit of the country


  • AUŠRINĖ ARMONAITĖ, Minister of Economy and Innovations, Member of Parliament elected by Global Lithuanians
  • GABRIELIUS LANDSBERGIS, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • DALIA ASANAVIČIŪTĖ, Member of Parliament, Chairwoman of the Commission of the Seimas and the World Lithuanian Community
  • DALIA PETKEVIČIENĖ, Co-founder and Board Chairwoman at Global Lithuanian Leaders
  • AURIKA SAVICKAITĖ, MedEdTech Business-Woman, Nominee of Global Lithuanian Awards 2020.


Moderator: DR. RIMVYDAS BALTADUONIS, Laureate of Global Lithuanian Awards and Board Member of World Lithuanian Community.

Vol. 4 | Utopia of Global Lithuania

A laid-back dream-based discussion about the perfect future of Global Lithuania


  • ARŪNAS MATELIS, director and producer of documentaries
  • GIEDRĖ ŽICKYTĖ, director and producer of documentaries
  • KARINA SUDENYTĖ, co-founder and CMO at Flawsome!, UK
  • MILDA MITKUTĖ, co-founder at Vinted
  • ANDRIUS TAPINAS, founder at Laisvės TV
  • REMIGIJUS ŠIMAŠIUS, mayor at Vilnius City Municipality

Moderator: RYTIS ZEMKAUSKAS, journalist, TV host.

Vol. 5 | How 2020 is Shapping our Future

An overview of global trends in financial, energy, tourism, telecommunications and agriculture markets

The session is organized in cooperation with the Lithuanian City of London Club LCLC.


  • DARIUS DAUBARAS, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Ignitis, Senior Advisor in Corporate Finance and Corporate Development at Saudi Aramco
  • TOMAS LAMANAUSKAS, Managing Partner at Envision Associates
  • MONIKA TARVYDYTĖ, Chief Operating Officer at Ivabaltė
  • TOMAS KEMTYS - Partner at Contrarian Ventures
  • IEVA ŠATKUTĖ STEWART, Global Sector Head of Travel & Tourism at YouGov
Moderator: Dr. LAURYNAS BALČIŪNAS, Senior Regulatory Policy Expert at Single Resolution Board.