Who can nominate?

All people, State institutions, business and non-governmental organisations in Lithuania and abroad presenting their nominations in accordance with criteria and categories specified in the Nomination Form of the official site of the Global Lithuanian Awards - www.GLLawards.com.

Who can be nominated?

Global Lithuanians and people of Lithuanian affiliation matching the following criteria:

  • international professional experience,
  • tight relations with Lithuania,
  • feasible impact on development of Lithuania in different areas,
  • promotion of the name of Lithuania.
What are the categories of nominations?
  • For investments attracted to Lithuania
  • For expansion of business connections
  • For scientific innovations brought to Lithuania
  • For international experience brought to Lithuanian regions
  • For Lithuanian ideas leading globally
  • For nurturing young Lithuanian talents abroad
  • For the promotion of the name of Lithuania globally

The list and the wording of the categories may vary upon the decision of The Jury in accordance with the list of nominees.

What is the deadline for nomination?

November 3rd, 2023.

Who selects the Laureates?

The Jury. One of the categories will be offered for public voting on LRT.lt, media partner of the Global Lithuanian Awards.

Who forms The Jury?

Representatives of Global Lithuanian Leaders and main partners of the event, former Laureates of the Awards and prominent public figures of Lithuania. The Jury varies from year to year, the final list is approved by the Board of Global Lithuanian Leaders.