Lifetime Achievement

Gražina Liautaud and Marija Danguolė Navickienė

After restoration of independence, Lithuanians abroad initiated many far-fetching and generous projects. One of them – foundation “Lietuvos vaikų viltis” – became especially active among Lithuanians in Chicago in 1991 when undertaken by Gražina Liautaud. She got in touch with the children hospital of Vilnius University and raised money from Lithuanian community in the USA to help children with orthopedic disorders and traumas. Generously raised funds were used to renovate the hospital facilities, acquire the most modern technologies, provide overall training in the US for local specialists at all levels, treat children with most complicated diagnoses. After the resignation of long-time leader Gražina Liautaud, the management of the foundation “Lietuvos vaikų viltis” was undertaken by chairwoman of World Lithuanian Community Marija Danguolė Navickienė who expanded the activities of the foundation to other states.

For attracting investment

Marius Dundulis

“Euromonitor International” is an independent company of strategic research and analysis respected worldwide for the profound, precise approach and unbiased contents. With representations in Chicago, Dubai, Cape Town, Sydney, Singapore, San Paulo, Tokyo, its network connects eighty countries. Marius Dundulis worked in its central headquarters in London and persuaded the management to entrust Vilnius with the representation of the company in Central and Eastern Europe. Now, Vilnius office employs 160 researchers from 17 countries (from Russia to Portugal), many of them holding degrees in the variety of sciences. In 2013, Marius Dundulis initiated the Center of Analysis, Modeling and Innovations specializing in macro- and micro- economic analysis and econometric modeling for large corporations worldwide.

For implemented innovations

Romualdas Danielius

“Light Conversion” was established in 1994 based on scientific innovations of the research center of laser technologies at Vilnius University. Nowadays, it is the most successful laser company in Lithuania demonstrating sustainable growth and constant progress in scientific innovations. Its success was programmed by founder and one of top managers Romualdas Danielius gently referred to as Mozart in Lasers. He has studied and carried out scientific research at the universities and centers of Leiden in the Netherlands, Beireuth in Germany, Lund in Sweden, Florence in Italy, and for twenty years has managed the scientific research department of the “Light Conversion”.

For brain exchange

Angela Sinickas

American Lithuanian Angela Sinickas is well renown for her professional activities in the field of internal communication and its evaluation methodologies. Since the beginning of his career in 1981, she has published numerous publications of her own research and analysis, and received 17 Awards of International Association of Business Communication. In Lithuania, Angela Sinickas is one of the most active participants of GLL Business Advisors program within the framework of which she has been advising to three Lithuanian companies. This program is the result of tight cooperation of State Agency “Versli Lietuva” and international network of Lithuanian professionals Global Lithuanian Leaders and is meant to provide prospective Lithuanian companies with specific advise from top-achievers from all around the world. In addition, Angela is active participant of business conferences in Lithuania, gives lectures to MA students in Lithuanian universities, and encourages other international professionals around the world to engage in activities in Lithuania.

For the loudest Lithuanian voice in the West

Agnia Grigas

Her achievements prove how helpful may international Lithuanians be for the global standing of the country. With high quality education in politics and international relations of Oxford and Columbia Universities, with professional experience acquired in France, the UK, Russia, Georgia and the USA, Agnia Grigas is acknowledged as the expert in politics and energy issues of post-Soviet region. She has written numerous publications and two books on problems of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia: “Rebuilding the Russian Empire: Compatriots and Information Warfare” and “The Politics of Energy and Memory between the Baltic States and Russia”, with the intention to change the prevailing stereotypes of the Western world towards this region. Agnia Grigas is regularly invited to talk on these topics on the screens “CNN”, “CCTV”, “Forbes”, “Bloomberg”, “Reuters”, “BBC”, and has advised governments on the formation of policies towards Russia.

For leadership encouragement

Rytis Vitkauskas

“Lithuanian Big Brother” was the first international mentorship program for young Lithuanians. It is designed for students and recent graduates and creates opportunities for them to receive career advise and consultation from professional Lithuanians with rich international experience. It was founded in 2009 by Rytis Vitkauskas together with like-minded young and ambitious Petras Vaičius and Egis Rimkus. Today, it unites over 500 students and professionals and covers 24 countries. The top-achievers mentor young people by sharing their connections, prospective employment opportunities, insights and comments. Mr. Vitkauskas completed his MA at Harvard University and worked in private equity sector in London, until in 2011 together with Viktoras Jucikas founded private company “Yplan” and attracted large investment for its development. This has become a benchmark of success for young people in Lithuania.

For the export of Lithuanian bussiness idea / For promotion of the name of Lithuania worldwide

Saulius and Aidas Dailidės

Teenage brothers from Prienai were killing boring afternoons by the first Apple computer in town. After a few successful attempts to program and sell the products, they decided to establish a company and worked days and nights for four years in order to present to the world of Apple something exceptional, worth 100 thousand US dollars per week. Since 2009, the “Pixelmator” has lead the App Store in sales of iPad apps and programs. In October of 2014, their biggest dream came true as they were invited to present their product on Apple stage and were introduced as young IT talents from Lithuania.

For reunion of Lithuanian minds

Jokūbas Žiburkus

Joint efforts make no mountain too high. Driven by this belief, with Jokūbas Žiburkus in lead, the enthusiasts of neuroscience founded Lithuanian Association of Neuroscience and initiated the tradition of annual conferences where students, graduates and professors share latest achievements. One of them led to the cooperation agreement between Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and Houston University on the joint MA program for business executives. This year, the third generation of program graduates visited Lithuania and had meetings with representatives of state, business and science institutions in search of joint projects. Professor of Houston University, doctor of neuroscience Jokūbas Žiburkus has been the most active driving force behind these numerous initiatives. He also cherishes the dream of Scientific Super Center in Lithuania which would encompass three things: best local scientific minds with unlimited funding, friendly environment for visiting professors, and modern technological facilities fostering the constant flow of innovations.

For sincere friendship

Edward Lucas

The experience acquired in the positions of the head of “The Economist” office in Moscow and the correspondent for the region of Eastern Europe in the period of most dramatic political and economic transformations formed adequate approach and understanding of the overall situation and long-term threats of geopolitical situation. Since 1980s, Edward Lucas used every occasion to draw the attention of the Western governments towards the development of events and warn about the consequences. In his book “The New Cold War” published in 2008, he clearly predicted the recent actions of Putin’s Russia and described him as ruthless and unpredictable Russian bear. Lithuania and the Baltic region in general are lucky to have such influential voice on the media channels of the world.