Lifetime Achievement


Valdas Adamkus

President Valdas Adamkus is a true global Lithuanian Leader who came back from the USA during the times of big transformations when international outlook, professional approach and diplomatic experience were in huge demand. Ten years as the acting President of Lithuania, Valdas Adamkus created modern Lithuania, integrated it in the world community, united the people and led them with responsibility and duty.

Investments to Lithuania

Gint Baukus

Molycorp, USA

Gint Baukus worked as an HR Officer at “Western Union” when the corporation was considering expansion to Central Europe. Thanks to his timely notice and information he has gathered and provided to the company, Lithuania appeared on the short list and eventually was selected as investment destination. Presently, it is the largest WU office in the world with roughly 2000 employees.

Global Experience for Lithuanian Business

Darius Vaškelis

One Window Partners, USA

Born and raised in the USA, Darius Vaškelis keeps tight relations with Lithuania by sharing his professional experience. Darius is a co-founder of consulting company OneWindow, he helps clients predictably optimize and scale revenue generation and management by tying business strategy to operational go-to-market and sales strategy. Darius Vaškelis is active business mentor of  Global Lithuanian Leaders program „Business Advisors“ .

Global Innovations Go Lithuania

Feliksas Bukauskas

Albert Einstein Medical College, USA

In 2016, Feliksas Bukauskas donated scientific equipment and genetically modified cell lines worth 350.000 USD to Lithuanian University of Medical Sciences in Kaunas. It encouraged and enabled the university to form a group of scientists who deploy the most modern technology and methodologies for clustering of GJ channels into junctional plaques (JPs) for medical purposes.

Global Lithuanian Connectors

Tadas Kananavičius


In 2008, Tadas Kananavičius formed the Association of Lithuanian Doctors working in UK which unites more than 80 Lithuanian surgeons, gynecologists, psychiatrists, and plastic surgeons. Its prime function is to assist its members in times of challenges, share information on new positions and cooperate with medical organizations in Lithuania. The Association has initiated decisions on the status of Junior doctors in Lithuania, began cooperation between UK Palliative organization and Lithuanian Franciscans organization to help those suffering from cancer.

Global Friend of Lithuania

Kenjiro Tamaki

Japan Lithuania Exchange Center, Japan

In 2013, Kenjiro Tamaki established Japan Lithuania Exchange Center which operates as an NGO and aims to strengthen the economic as well as scientific cooperation between two countries while promoting Lithuania in Japan. Bearing a great amount of experience in international business, he consults Lithuanian companies on the topics of export and business environment, helps to find partners in Japan, organizes events about Lithuania in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohoma, Hiratsuka, Yaotsu.

Special Recognition


Lithuanian City of London Club

This special recognition of Global Lithuanian Awards is dedicated to the Lithuanian City of London Club, which unites professionals of finance, law, business consulting and academia in London on the occasion of the 10th anniversary since their establishment. It is the key networking platform for Lithuanian professionals working in the City of London and an influential voice of Global Lithuanians. The Club facilitates social networking, charitable events and wide array of topical discussion with business, political and other leaders from Lithuania and the UK to foster professional and intellectual interaction between Club members and the Lithuanian society. The club also holds a significant input towards developing the image of Lithuania internationally and attracting investments to the home country.

Lithuanian Ideas Go Global

Aurelijus Liubinas

Deeper, Lithuania

Aurelijus Liubinas, together with professional developers of “Friday Labs”, developed a smart sonar “Deeper”, scanning the waters and sending factual information on location of fish or other objects to smartphones. This was the first sonar in the world compatible with mobile devices and thus instantly became popular. “Deeper” has been rewarded at Consumer Electronics Show 2016 as the best innovative wireless product.

Local Impact of Global Experience

Jonas Sluckus

BIGSO, Akmenė, Lithuania

In 2005, after acquiring experience in Sweden and Norway, Jonas Sluckus came back to Lithuania and took initiative to promote Venta (Akmenė region) as the investment destination for cardboard production line of Swedish company “Bigso”, which already had a facility in Šiauliai and was expanding rapidly. Now it is known as a modern international facility with 400 employees, 21 export destinations, and large international clients (including “IKEA”).

Lithuanian Names Famous Globally

Virginijus Šikšnys


Professor Virginijus Šikšnys is the first Lithuanian scientist to be awarded prestigious Warren Alpert Foundation Prize for his input research of CRISPR bacteria. His findings revolutionized DNA editing with Cas9 protein and expanded the possibilities of treatment of genetic diseases.