Global Lithuanian Awards

Global Lithuanian Awards | GLA are the only national awards in Lithuania acknowledging and rewarding the remarkable achievements of Lithuanian diaspora professionals and their contribution to the economy, science and culture of Lithuania as well as its global standing.

Global Lithuanian Awards | GLA aim to acknowledge global professional achievements, sincere connection and devotion of global Lithuanians, share their stories as role models for inspiration.

Global Lithuanian Awards | GLA are organised from 2012 by Global Lithuanian Leaders – non-profit and non-governmental organisation building and engaging the network of Lithuanian professional diaspora.

GLL Awards 2019

Idea of the Award

“Every inspiring idea has its form of expression“, says author of the statue of the Global Lithuanian Awards Stasys Žirgulis.

The statue is blended of two-colour granite to illustrate the idea of global integration. It has the form of the window to symbolize the openness to the world, to the new ideas, the eagerness of quality connection between Lithuania and its global diaspora.

Author of the Award  Stasys Žirgulis is referred to as a poet of stone and represents the glorious generation of Lithuanian sculptors with hundreds of stone-art around Lithuanian parks and squares.

About Global Lithuanian Leaders

Global Lithuanian Leaders | GLL is a non-governmental non-profit organisation with the mission to connect the network of diaspora professionals and engage them for the development of Lithuania.

GLL identifies and builds into network active diaspora professionals eager to participate in the process of creation of global opportunities for Lithuanian business, science, promotion of the name of Lithuania, exchange of knowledge and experience.

During 13 years of operations, GLL network has brought together 25 clubs of Lithuanian professionals abroad as well as over 2000 global Lithuanian professionals from 61 countries. It offers effective means and projects for their engagement in and for Lithuania.

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