For Worldwide Recognition of Global Lithuanian Professionals


Kristina Sabaliauskaitė

Author and Doctor of Art History | United Kingdom

For global recognition in literature and significant social initiatives

Kristina Sabaliauskaitė currently stands as Lithuania's most internationally read contemporary writer. Based in London since 2002, she did her post-graduate studies in Warburg Institute (University of London) and was awarded her PhD in history of Art from Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, which has bestowed her also the honorary doctorate in 2019. Her literary debut, a historical novel ‘Silva Rerum’ in four volumes (2008-2016) became a literary sensation in Lithuania, with twenty-two reprints of the first part only, whereas the dilogy ‘Peter’s Empress’ is currently an international bestseller in Europe, with multiple reprints and the unprecedented visibility and acclaim for a Lithuanian book. The author is also an internationally active supporter of the Ukrainian and the liberal democracy cause commenting in the media in the media of the USA, Great Britain, Holland, Poland and other countries; for her input into the cultural dialogue between Lithuania and Poland she became the first woman awarded The Prize of Two Nations. Her charitable activism focusses on education issues and ranges from the support for libraries to the encouragement of the budding literary talents in the form of her eponymous annual literary competition for senior school pupils.

For International Achievements of Young Lithuanian Scientific Talents

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Neuroscientist, Co-founder of Samphire Neuroscience | United Kingdom

For scientific innovation aimed at helping women around the world

Emilė Radytė is a neuroscientist and entrepreneur. She earned a neuroscience degree at Harvard University and later pursued a graduate diploma at Oxford, specializing in the application of brain stimulation for depression treatment. Currently, Emilė and her team are developing a new product - a brain-stimulating headband that alleviates menstrual pain and premenstrual symptoms. This pioneering medical device provides a safe, clinically researched alternative to pain medication. Emilė's startup Samphire Neuroscience received a 200,000 Euro investment for product development, established a branch in Lithuania and holds immense potential to emerge as a trailblazing Lithuanian startup in the medical field.

For Investments Attracted to Lithuania



General Manager of Hollister Lithuania | Lithuania

For record investments in the production of medical products in Lithuania

Drawing on his extensive experience and exceptional skills, Saulius Bitinas actively enhances the success of global manufacturing businesses in Lithuania. Since mid-year, Saulius Bitinas has been at the helm of "Hollister Lietuva," an American capital medical devices production company employing over 600 specialists. The company has plans to invest an additional $25 million USD in its development over the next four years. Saulius' conscientious approach to overseeing the company's operations and his consistent advocacy for increased investments in Lithuania play a vital role in fostering the country's economic growth.

For Lithuanian Innovations Leading Globally



Co-founders of Tesonet and Nord Security | Lithuania

For the worldwide recognition of Lithuanian technology business

Tomas Okmanas and Eimantas Sabaliauskas, the visionary founders of Tesonet and Nord Security, have been instrumental in positioning Lithuania at the forefront of innovation and cyber security. In 2012, they founded Nord Security, which became the second Lithuanian unicorn and whose products are used globally by individuals and various international companies, such as Calendly, Adobe, Shutterstock and many more. This year, Tomas and Eimantas announced their second external funding milestone—securing a substantial 100 million US dollar investment from the US private equity firm Warburg Pincus and elevating the company's value to an impressive 3 billion US dollars. Tesonet group companies also carry out an important mission of attracting and hiring talents from the Lithuanian diaspora, who are living abroad, encouraging them to return to Lithuania.

For Creating International Business Relations



Honorary General Consul of Lithuania, President at IBInternational Inc. | United States of America

For fostering the growth of Lithuanian businesses and opening doors to the world's largest market

Ingrida Bublys is the first Honorary Consul of independent Lithuania in the USA and has been awarded by various Lithuanian and US institutions for her proactive efforts. Devoting most of her life to strengthening US-Lithuania relations in business, trade, science, and culture, she tirelessly promotes Lithuania globally. Ingrida constantly makes every effort to open the US market to companies exporting Lithuanian products. Her activities and relations with international, business and political organizations contribute to attracting US investments to Lithuania. In 2023, she played a key role in ensuring the success of the North American and Lithuanian Business Forum in Chicago.

For Promoting Lithuania Globally



Opera singer / London Royal Opera House | United Kingdom

For promoting the name of Lithuania on the international opera stage

Gabrielė Kupšytė is an opera soloist of the younger generation, currently singing at the Royal Opera House in London. After obtaining a master's degree at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater in 2018, Gabrielė entered one of the most prestigious music schools in the world - the Royal Academy of Music in London, and continued her studies in Florence. Last year, Gabrielė was selected for the prestigious Jette Parker program, and as "Opera's Hope" at the awards of the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theater. This year she was shortlisted in the Young Singer category at the International Opera Awards.

For Lifetime Achievements


Lithuanian World Center

Lemont, United States of America

For Lifetime Achievements

The Lithuanian World Center (WLC) was established in 1987 in Lemont, USA, within a 14,000-square-meter former monastery building as a non-profit organization. Serving as the largest cultural, educational, social, and spiritual hub for the Lithuanian diaspora globally, the WLC's facilities currently accommodate approximately 50 Lithuanian organizations and institutions. These entities are united by a shared mission - to preserve and promote Lithuanian identity, culture, and heritage, while also passing it on to future generations. The Center plays a pivotal role in hosting significant events within the Lithuanian community, including concerts, conventions, and national holiday celebrations. As the primary resource for the community and visitors alike, the WLC serves as a platform to learn about and appreciate Lithuanian culture. Notably, when Lithuania regained its independence in 1990, the LWC actively contributed to supporting Lithuania's independence through various initiatives such as the installation of a telephone line.