For Empowering Ties with Lithuanian Regions


Alvija Černiauskaitė

Acting leader of UK Lithuanian Community, Board Member of World Lithuanian Community, Founder and Principal of Lithuanian school in London Obelėlė, UK

For creative leadership in global Lithuanian education and close ties with the municipality of native region of Alytus

Alvija proudly wears the title of Alytus ambassador in the UK. She was the one to initiate and coordinate the Alley of Global Alytus Natives featuring the trees and other decorative plants taken care by families of Alytus region living elsewhere. Alvija took active part in the establishment and coordination of Lithuanian integration center in Alytus. It is meant to facilitate the integration of returning global children by teaching the basics of LIthuanian language and history. In response to COVID-19 challenges, Alvija raised funds and coordinated the production of protective shields for Alytus medical institutions.

For Promoting Lithuania Globally


Laisvės TV Team


For the global wave of Freedom Way initiatives which rolled over 32 countries and evoked the global political and media attention to the freedom fights in Belarus

Global Freedom Way initiative connected diasporas of Lithuanians, Latvians, Ukrainians and Belarusian in support to Belarusian fighting for the right to democratic elections. The meetings took place in 60 cities of 32 countries, in Lithuania, more than 50 thousand people joined the human chain from Vilnius to the border with Belarus. The event was widely covered by global media Euronews, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), AFP, Reuters, Sky news, France 24, ABC and many more.

Special Recognition


Clubs of Lithuanian Professionals Abroad

Category of Special Recognition is meant to express immense appreciation to the Clubs of Global Lithuanians Abroad established in the cities worldwide for meaningful professional networking as well as cooperation projects for the improvement of global standing of Lithuania. In 2020, global Lithuanian professionals beat all records of engagement by sharing their funds, expertise and contacts against pandemic challenges and by participating in the historic elections of the dedicated Parliament member.

For Global Experience against Pandemic Challenges


Elena Archipovaitė

Urban development practitioner, member of NORCAP roster expert pool, Lithuania / World

For substantial input sharing global experience, activating Lithuanian diaspora and volunteering during the first out-break of COVID-19

During the first out-break of COVID-19 in spring, Elena voluntarily activated Lithuanian diaspora and got actively engaged in multiple initiatives, namely Laikykitės, medikai, Gediminas Legion, hackathon Hack the Crisis, Stiprūs kartu (Strong Together). She consulted on crisis management the state institutions and NGOs directly working with pandemic challenges. Elena is an experienced NGO volunteer, urban planner, standby roster member of Norwegian Refugee Council for the missions of humanitarian, peace and sustainability assistance globally.

For Lifetime Achievements


Dr. Vincas Bartusevičius (1939-2020)

Honorable Chairman of Lithuanian Community in Germany, Founder of Lithuanian Culture Institute in Huttenfeld, Sociologist, Educator, Social Activist, Germany

For the lifetime devotion to Lithuanian culture, profound scientific and social engagement, promotion of Lithuanian culture, education and historic memorabilia

Numerous decades, Dr. Vincas Bartusevičius was an active member of the World Lithuanian Community and German Lithuanian Community, well known and respected for his educational, engaging and unifying activities. He consistently worked on protection and promotion of Lithuanian culture, customs, traditions, language and history so that they reach future generations. Dr. V. Bartusevičius played an important role connecting global Lithuanian scientists, his research was devoted to the history of Lithuanian diaspora. He led the initiative to establish the Lithuanian Culture Institute in Huttenfeld back in 1981. He also was a passionate supporter of unique Lithuanian High School (Vasario 16-osios lietuvių gimnazija) in Huttenfeld.

For Nurturing Young Lithuanian Talent on a Global Scale


For the implementation of Lithuanian virtual school for global Lithuanian children and its modern program

In response to COVID-19 evoked schooling challenges, leaders of Rome and Piemont LIthuanian communities Elzė and Aurelija developed and implemented the virtual school uniting all Lithuanian schools in Italy and holding online classes. As soon as they announced the registration, in two days, more than 150 families signed up for schooling. Since October, the classes take place every day, the students are learning in three grades, the subjects include the Lithuanian language, history, natural science, music and arts. The school with more than a hundred children are run by six volunteering teachers and a few team members.

For Solid Voice in Global Science Community


Vilnius iGEM Team

Vilnius University, Lithuania

For the unification of global Lithuanian students of life sciences for the victories in prestigious annual science competition iGEM

Since 2015, the students of life sciences of Vilnius University have proved to be the best in the international competition of synthetic biology iGEM (angl. International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition). In 2020, Vilnius iGEM won the Grand Prix of the competition against 250 teams of best world universities. The Lithuanian team presented project FlavoFlow, a platform to treat and prevent the fish infections inflamed by dangerous Flavobacterium bacteria. One more Grand Prix was brought to Vilnius in 2017 for project SynOri. In 2015 and 2016, iGEM Vilnius won Gold Medals, in 2018, they received Bronze.

For Lithuanian Ideas Leading Globally


Vytenis Buzas and Linas Sargautis

Co-founders / NanoAvionics, USA, Lithuania

For long-term success in global space technology industry

NanoAvionics is the first and only Lithuanian company specializing in satellite missions for its worldwide customers – from designing and manufacturing standardized satellite platforms and modular satellite systems, to providing satellite integration, launch and mission operations services. The core of NanoAvionics team was behind LituanicaSAT-1 mission which was one of the first two Lithuanian satellites launched to space in 2014. And now, 6 years later, they grew the team to 90 people, have offices in Lithuania, United Kingdom and United States of America, and have participated in over 75 successful satellite missions and commercial projects. Most notable customers, NanoAvionics supply their satellites and mission services to include NASA, Thales Alenia Space, MIT, ESA, SEN and many innovative space-based businesses.
Global space industry recognized Vytenis Buzas, CEO and co-founder of the company, as one of the most prominent leaders to watch in 2021.